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Beatrice Blue Bear & Houdini Taz Bear - Irish Bloodline and foundation of current puppies.

Puppies available now, born 8/23/14.

New litter born 12/6/14 - $50 deposit will hold one

 (ready for Valentine's Day)

Older puppies and adults may be available

Please call 302 724-7677


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 for info

A small deposit will hold one of them



SIRE: Prowler's Blue Ted E. Bear

AKC/UKCI - 4 lbs. Champion Bloodlines

Ted E. is from a line of tinies (under 4 lbs) - 3 champions in his lineage




Our Dogs - Bear Line Irish Yorkies


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DAM: Chelsea Gizmo's Blue HoneyBear

SIRE:  Prowler's Blue Ted E. Bear





Grand-Dam: Chelsea Gizmo's Blue Honeybear  - Registered UKCI - Irish (IKC) & AKC Lineage  

(2nd generation from my Irish Foundation with Champion Bloodlines - Clarkwyn Show Line)

Bear's Princess Anna Deana (Retired)

Sire: Charmed Toby

Dam: Chelsea Gizmo's Blue Honeybear



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Houdini Taz Bear - 6 lbs. - 100% Irish Bloodlines


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Apple's sire:  Charmed Toby - One of our favorite stud dogs

  American & Canadian Champion Bloodlines  (Rothby, Pastoral, Bettleens Show Lines)- 4.5 lbs AKC/UKCI Registered




Prowler's Blue Ted E. Bear

AKC/UKCI - 4 lbs. Champion Bloodlines


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Beatrice Blue Bear and Houdini Taz Bear

(Both have passed on to the Rainbow Bridge)

Dean lived to be almost 15 years old

Irish Imports and foundation of this line.


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puppy at 5 weeks and Yasmin at 5 months

Dean in his Bellyband and Yasmin Sugar Bear


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Irish Lineage - 6 lbs.

Our first two Yorkies, Beebs (Beatrice Blue Bear) and Dean (Houdini Taz Bear),  were born in Dublin, Ireland and brought to the United States when they were ten weeks old.  We raised them as part of our family.  They sleep with us, eat with us, go in the car with us...in other words, spoiled...actually, we are THEIR pets!!  I'm a hobby breeder, working toward a puppy I can show.  I have bred my Irish dogs to the best Champion bloodline studs I am able to find, males that are under 5 lbs.  I generally have one or two litters a year and offer the puppies I don't keep to loving responsible families.

Why Irish Yorkies??? 

Ireland has a reputation for having very strict, kennel club controls over the breeding of dogs.  Overbreeding is not permitted. Yorkies are the most popular dog in Ireland.  Irish "Department of Agriculture" laws also prohibit importing dogs into Ireland unless quarantined for a period of six months. This seems a little strong for anyone wanting to bring his or her pet into Ireland, but it is the reason Ireland (and England) are rabies-free.

We sell our puppies by reservation only. They are usually spoken for before they are born. A deposit (applied to the price of the puppy) will hold a place on our waiting list and will guarantee a puppy from one of our planned litters. 

All our puppies either have pure Irish lineage with three or four generation pedigree including Irish Kennel Club numbers, or one to four generations breeding into champion bloodline American and/or Canadian-bred Yorkies. 

Bear Line Yorkies are robust and healthy, with no known serious genetic defects such as liver shunt, heart problems, or perth's disease, and range in size at adult from around 4 lbs. to  7 or 8 lbs. Occasionally, larger (9-10 lbs) & tiny puppies are born (under 3 lbs. at adult) but they are fairly rare and not planned. 

We offer a standard warranty against life-threatening congenital defects for the first two years and will extend the warranty to five years if you agree to a no-breeding, spay/neuter contract (mandatory with females under five lbs.).  

You will be able to watch the babies grow from birth (24 hrs a day) through our webcam and are welcome to visit your puppy and it's parents in our home as often as you wish after it is six weeks old and has first shots.

When you take your puppy home it will have had its' first puppy shots and worming, tail docked and dewclaws removed.  If you would like a Yorkshire Terrier with an undocked tail, you must reserve a puppy in advance and request the tail be left natural.

Some of our puppies are like Dean,  fragile-boned and doll-faced, and others are heavier, stockier, like Beebs, with longer noses.  Most of them have "up ears" but some need help by taping them when they are puppies.  Our Yorkies have sweet, placid temperments when alone, and show that "terrier" instinct and perseverance in a pack.  They are very loyal and protective.  They are excellent watch dogs. 

History of the Breed

One of the most beautiful and glamorous of all breeds, the Yorkshire Terrier was originally bred in the mid 1800s for the decidedly unglamorous job of keeping down the rats in Yorkshire cotton mills and coal pits. He was also used by the miners as a Sporting Terrier in rat killing contests.  To this day, Yorkies love to hunt rodents and will let you know if you have a problem in your house. 

As the Yorkshire Terrier became more popular, he made a big hit with the ladies, and was soon in great demand, especially among the wealthy. The coat, already long and lustrous, (because of the mill workers inadvertently passing on the natural oils from the fibers they were working with every time they patted their dog) was cultivated still further until the long silky mantle of dark steele blue became the Yorkshire Terrier's crowning glory.

It is generally agreed that at least five breeds were combined to produce the Yorkshire Terrier - the Clydesdale, Paisley (now extinct) and Broken-haired Scottish Terriers, Black & Tan Terriers plus Maltese, for the silky hair.

                      clydsdale.jpg (7327 bytes)   paisley.jpg (11741 bytes)   scottishyorkie.jpg (7878 bytes)

It is also important to note that during the 1800's, Yorkies were much larger, up to 30 lbs. (ten pounds was considered the perfect size). This is the reason it is imperative NOT to breed females under five pounds.  Throwbacks to these larger ancestors is possible and can be fatal to the mother dog, as well as extremely expensive vet bills.

From 1930 on, Yorkies have steadily been bred down to "tiny", under the breed standard minimum weight of 4 lbs.  There is no such thing as a "teacup" or "standard" Yorkie.  Yorkies are "toy" dogs with only one show category. Most show dogs you see in the ring are around 6 lbs.  The AKC breed standard calls for 4-7 lbs.  Yorkies larger than seven pounds and so-called "tinys" are outside of the AKC Breed Standard, but still make lovely pets and both tiny and larger dogs are preferred by some people, even though they cannot be shown.  

Our dogs come from IKC (Irish Kennel Club) and AKC, CKC (Canada) bloodlines and are registered with Universal Kennel Club International (UKCI).

As agile as a cat, high-spirited, sweet and loving with people, smart, easily trainable, and with an air of self-importance, Yorkshires make delightful little pets. He fits comfortably into the smallest household (or small purse) and despite his diminutive size, is a good mini watchdog. A true extrovert, the Yorkshire Terrier is loyal, affectionate, opinionated and highly entertaining. Due to his size, he is best suited to adult households or households with older children.



Bear's Princess Anna Deana

Our Yorkies are not caged or confined to a kennel, although Mama and her puppies are kept in a child's playpen for the first month or so to keep them safe, and later, released to run around and play.  Your puppy will be very affectionate and socialized from all the handling and kissing from our family...and...will already be trained to use a puppy pad. 

Bear Line Yorkies' coloring leans toward the reddish-golden blonde and dark steele blue, although some end up platinum blonde and very light silver blue.  Our puppies' hair texture tends to be silky, but we know the "harsh" texture hair is in the line and so can't guarantee hair texture - see Bruno (we think he's lovely anyway) below:

Note: We do not ship our puppies, so you must be close enough to come to us.  Alternately, we will be happy to meet you at the nearest airport (Philadelphia, Baltimore or Washington D.C.) or can be persuaded to drive up to 200 miles to meet you half-way, if you want to avoid a very long drive.



Regarding Yorkies' coats:  Yorkies have hair, not fur,  so they do not shed and do not have dander, which can cause allergies in sensitives.  

It takes about three years for a Yorkies' hair to reach the floor if they are of the silky type.  Soft & cottony/wooley coats are more difficult to maintain and harsh coats tend to not grow as long.



Prowler's Blue Ted E. Bear

AKC/UKCI - 4 lbs. Champion Bloodlines

Puppies three weeks old...below


from Beatrice Blue Bear and Charmed Toby


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Champion Bloodlines (Rothby, Pastoral, Bettleen, Clarkwyn Lines) 


out of Chelsea and Charmed Toby

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Other puppies now grown & living with their families:

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                           Aristotle (son of Beebs & Dean) - Irish bloodlines

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Gaia - 100% Irish bloodlines

Dam:  Beatrice Blue Bear (Beebs)

Sire: Houdini Taz Bear (Dean)

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Dam: Beatrice Blue Bear -- Sire:  Goodwin's Gizmo Toy


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Dean & Bruno (father & son)

In Loving Memory - Lilyashly's Baby Bear

2/20/06 to 8/15/06

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Houdini Taz Bear (DEAN) and Fisher the cat.

Dean was my first and favorite Yorkie, imported from Dublin, and the great great grandfather of my current puppies.

He lived to be 15 years old and passed away in 2014

Located in Dover, Delaware


email for more information: Lilyashly@aol.com


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